Maddening Frequency of Madness!!

                              WARNING: May cause nausea & epilepsy
Recorded Summer 2009.

This recording is exactly what its name describes: PURE MADNESS!!!  During this summer (09) I spent the bulk of my time in isolation concocting nightmarish reverberations in my basement.  Anyone who felt that it was an inviting environment must be as demented as myself, and on the cusp of mental prolapse!  (cough) Adrain Aardvark (cough (cough)(clears throat) (pukes)

Thank you very much to Mr. Aardvark for contributing to this album, especially track 6 which I believe demonstrates your innate talent, and infinite range as a vocalist.

Porpoise of 1000 Fathoms created by Bryce Brushnefski
Featuring Adrian Aardvark

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