Porpoise of 1000 Fathoms - Bi Polar Bear and Imploding Whale Collection

Recorded Summer 2008 @ basement 56.

The name Porpoise of 1000 Fathoms was probably a product of early-onset dementia, but it yielded an impressive amount of recorded lunacy, and fond memories.

Bi Polar Bear, and Imploding Whale was the result of a two day noise intensive recorded in the summer of 2008. They were originally two separate albums, but I always kept them together as one.  The tracks were recorded as follows:

(First day)

Bi Polar Bear:
1. The Mondays 5:56
2. Hermetic Aquatic Under dweller 8:06
3. Bi Polar Bear 21:35

(Second day)

Imploding Whale:
4. Tablurr un diosquare 7:55
5. Snails 12:37
6. Dream Town Blues 15:40

All noise created by Bryce Brushnefski, except vocals on "Dream Town Blues," performed by Lizebeth Allen.

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