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Children of Crowley

Spirit of the Aardvark Unleashed!! (video)

American Aardvark

Drones for Peace, by Larry Dolan

Drone Witch art!

Lantern Discography page!!!

White Pyramid live @ Rota 9/3/13 (Audio!)

White Pyramid live @ Rota- September 3rd, 2013 (VIDEO!)

Show @ ROTA!! Tuesday, September 3rd 2013!!!!

Lantern Discography

Ota Benga Tape Collection 2007

Ota Benga - A Prayer to the God of Rock n' Roll

Lantern - Harsh Dew of the Doglands

Apollo Infinity 2013

Trump XV...

Ota Benga - Adirondack Mountain Guerrillas

Whyte Cloud - Sharp Glass Dewmocracy

UT - Drone Analysis 10812

November 9th 2009, Three Cosmonauts Ultimate Device Swap, Uncut!!

Ota Benga - Alpha Baboon Overlord

Ota Benga - Thrones of the Subterranean Dimension

Friends from the Stars - LCB ONE 2009

Friends from the Stars - Ten Tracks, June 3rd 2009

Ota Benga - Gorpo 2007

Lantern - Beginning of the War of the Worlds, Two Guitars One Amp

Orphan Legs Live at 56 Elm 2008 (Audio)

Orphan Legs Live at 56 Elm, February 2008 (Video)

Porpoise of 1000 Fathoms - Bi Polar Bear and Imploding Whale Collection

UT - There is No Matter 2009