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Released 11/11/2016
The boys are back with a new attitude! “Dear Lord Phase Us” is not only an exhibition of deranged mania, but it is also a prayer for ascension! When we have exhausted all potentialities in the third dimension, and are ready to phase into 4D.
The songs share characteristics with the Ceti eel, burrowing in the ears, taking command of the cerebral cortex, causing the subject to suffer from madness, and eventual death. But it is a spiritual death. It is the ecstatic destruction of the ego self, the state where one transcends all, and experiences oneness with the universe.  In Hindu yoga this is called Samadhi, and it emanates from the hidden sphere of Da’at where all are united as one.                                                                                                                                                                
So if you’re ready for the next phase, DON’T DELAY! Listen to   …

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